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Flowers  – we design beautiful floral centerpieces for guest tables, bouquets and boutonnieres, flower urns at the ceremony, flowers on the edge of ceremony chairs or flower petals down the aisle. 

Flowers are a key component of your wedding or event, and an expression of what you love. They are a focal point for your decor and a key component of your guests delight. 

Beautiful flowers add colour, texture, and beauty. Most importantly, they can drastically enhance the look of a room and transform a venue.

I Do Ceremony Flower Bouquet And Gazebo Draping

Types of Flowers for events

I Do Flowers And Decor Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Bouquets &

Beautiful wedding bouquets created from fresh gorgeous flowers, from simple to elegant, hand tied or cascading, Also corsages - wrist & pin on - and boutonnieres to recognize the special people in your life.

I Do Pretty Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Flower Centerpieces

Stunning fresh flower centerpieces from simple to elegant, designed for any event: weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, galas, bridal or baby showers, private parties & Christmas events.

I Do Ceremony Gazebo Or Arbour Flowers

Ceremony Flowers

Gorgeous gazebo flowers, floral arbours, chuppas, signing table flowers, ceremony urns, pew flowers or flowers tied to chairs lining the aisle of the ceremony & rose petal designs down the aisle.

I Do Candle Centerpiece On Birch Slab

Flower Arrangements

Beautiful flower arrangements to decorate the venue - at hte entrance, on the buffet tables or cocktail tables.
Also, floral arrangements for Get Well, Romance, Just Because, Birthday, Sympathy or Funerals.


The most popular wedding flowers are available locally in Southern Ontario during the following months. When not in season, the following list shows when they are imported: 

– Calla Lillies: not available locally, are imported every month but January and February
– Carnations: available year round
– Chrysanthamums: available locally late summer and fall, imported year round
– Dahlias: available locally late July to mid-September, not available by import
– Daisy: available year round by import
– Dusty Miller: available locally in the summer, imported year round
– Gerbera: available year round locally
– Hyrdrangeas: imported year round
– Lilly of the Valley: available locally in May
– Peonies: available locally late May to late June, otherwise they are imported
– Seeded Eucalyptus: imported year round
– Silver Dollar: imported year round
– Sunflowers: available locally August to September

A. Certain flowers cost less, typically because they are easy to grow and are produced in abundance throughout the year. Some examples of inexpensive flowers you might choose for your wedding: carnations, baby’s breath and alstroemeria. Others are especially cheap at certain times of the year when they are in season, like chrysanthemums in the fall. Colour variations may also affect the price.

Flowers are much more expensive when they are difficult to grow because they are produced in smaller quantities. An example is the peony, which takes two years for the plant to produce a lot of blooms. Orchids and calla lilies are also among the higher-priced varieties. If you choose these for your bouquets or boutonnieres or centerpieces, you’ll see the cost rise accordingly.

However, don’t let price alone be your deciding factor. A single peony might be expensive, but it fills out a centerpiece well and can make an impact.

A. This list will give you an idea of the typical price range for the most commonly ordered wedding flowers. Depending on the complexity of the arrangement and type of flowers, actual prices will differ.

– Bridal Bouquet – minimum $200
– Bridesmaids’ Bouquets (each) – minimum $150
– Flower Girl Bouquet – start at $65
– Groom’s Boutonniere – start at $18
– Groomsmen/Ushers (each) – start at $18
– Table Centerpieces (each) – start at $40
– Toss Bouquet – free with orders over $500

Yes, we deliver the flowers at an additional delivery cost. We like to deliver the bouquets half an hour before the photographer arrives. We recommend all the boutonnieres go to the ceremony site, so they are fresh for the ceremony. There are additional delivery charges if the ceremony is at another location.

Can I pick up the bouquets or centerpieces the day before or morning of to save on the delivery? Yes, but we do not assume any responsibility for wilted flowers. This can happen if they are stored in areas which are too warm or cold. For example, if they are put in a fridge, the blower can make the fridge much colder than the registered temperature. Or if the flowers are left in a hot car while doing errands, they may also wilt. Often couples pay the delivery fee to decrease these worries.

As for the centerpieces and other flowers, we work with the venue as to drop-off time. 

A. We set the flowers on each table to make sure they look perfect in the room.

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