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Decor Rentals


We have hundreds of wedding decor rental items including harvest tables, chiavari chairs, wedding arches, wedding signs, candle rentals, linens and backdrops. See below for all our wedding decor rentals.

Why consider renting? 

Renting is Easy
Finding the perfect decor can be very time-consuming. We buy from decor suppliers in Mississauga and Toronto and have many one-of-a-kind and unique items.

Save Money
Even if you’re not on a really tight budget, you may not be able to find a deal on decor items you want for your wedding.

One Stop Shop
We have a huge variety of rental items: from chiavari chairs to wedding arch rentals to candle holders. You can save time searching hours and hours in stores and online. 

No Storage Issues
Storing decor items can be difficult. We deliver it to your venue, set it up and remove it after your wedding.

Renting Is Environmentally Friendly
Renting decor items means you are not re-creating the same things others have already created for their wedding – you’re reducing and reusing.

Ivory Satin Chair Cover And Sash Rental

Types of Rental Items

I Do Chiavari Chairs In White Or Gold


  • White or gold chiavari chairs
  • White chair pads
  • Add beauty to any venue
  • Installation & removal of
    chairs included in price

I Do Harvest Tables For Rent For Events


  • Custom crafted solid pine
  • Early American rich brown
  • Quality of table shows from every angle
  • 8' long x 42" wide

I Do Wedding Signs For Rent

Wedding Signs
& Card Boxes

  • Mr. & Mrs. sign, chalkboard & marquis signs
  • Vintage glass windows
  • 6 card boxes: lantern, birdcage, elegant & more

I Do Weddings Rent Urns And Pedestals

Wedding urns
& pedestals

  • White, stone & wooden pedestals
  • White or stone urns
  • Use as a focal point for ceremony or at head table

All Types of Candles And Vases For Rent Or Purchase

& Holders

  • All types of candles: floaters, votives or pillar candles
  • Candle holders including candelabras, gold, silver or mercury votive holders
  • Stemmed or tall or cylinders
  • Battery operated candles

I Do Furniture Rentals For Weddings And Events

& Props

  • Wine barrels, display ladders, rustic doors: use for decor or on wine barrels for a bar or receiving table
  • Vintage desks for signing table, wooden crates
  • Props for over 10 themes

I Do Rent Chargers For Events


  • Resin or glass charger plates
  • Pretty silver or gold
  • Add class and elegance
    to guest tables
  • Chargers are aesthetically pleasing to guests and
    create ambiance

I Do Rents Christmas Decor


  • Rent or purchase decor, or we decorate with your items
  • Parties, homes, venues
  • Residential and commercial decor
  • Decorate trees up to 15 ft


Here is an idea of the cost for the following I Do Flowers & Decor rental items.

  • Candleabras start at $25
  • Charger pates start at $1.50
  • Chiavari chairs $8
  • Chair Covers start at $3.25
  • Furniture & props for weddings and themed events: beach, Asian, Western, rustic, vintage, disco, circus, Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick’s, fair, Kentucky Derby, start at $300
  • Wedding signs & card boxes start at $30


I Do Flowers & Decor has white and gold chiavari chairs for rent
$8 per chair installed and removed + delivery + tax

The rental fee includes the set up of chairs with pads and full removal of the chairs after the event is over.

If you are comparing pricing, be sure to check to see if the other companies add and remove the chair pads. Many rental companies just just drop the chairs off in stacks and pads in a bag expect to pick the chairs up in a stack with the chair pads removed.

Putting chair pads on and taking them off is a time consuming process. We don’t want you to have to worry about this so we include this in our rental price.

Also, don’t forget to check with your venue to see if they have an additional charge to remove the chairs they have on a day-to-day basis in the banquet room.



8′ x 42″ – seats up to 10 people, 4 people each side, and 1 person at each end
$60 + Delivery + Tax

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Harvest Table for your Head Table

1. It is wide enough that ten people can sit at the table, all facing each other.  You can enjoy dinner conversation with everyone instead of only being able to converse with two people, one on each side of you.   

2. If you would prefer sitting on one side facing guests, you will have a lot of space for candles, flowers, and decorations. Often, a standard 30″ table isn’t wide enough for a lot of flowers and decor in front of your place settings.

3. Sitting facing your wedding party allows you to have some fun and freedom. You can enjoy your dinner without your guests watching you, and have a nice break from all the photos, words of congratulations and hugs. Besides, who looks great when they eat.

4. It’s a beautiful table and provides more opportunities for amazing photos. Your group will be interacting with each other more,  creating beautiful memories.

5. They are beautiful and look great from all angles. They provide a focal point for your guests to enjoy.

There are no minimums to renting; you can rent a single vase or 20 vases. By renting decor items, you will save time plus you won’t have to worry about selling your items on Kijiji afterwards or contributing to landfills.

Book an appointment to visit our showroom to see our selection of décor products. Choose to either pick up and return your event décor or have your items scheduled for delivery and pick up.

All prices include set up at the venue and removal from the venue. Delivery and HST is additional. In some cases, clients want to pick up the items and set them up, and return them. 

Delivery is an additional charge based on where your venue is located. The cost of delivery is reasonable and is based on how long it takes to gets to the venue, possibly the 407 (depending on location and so we can decrease the time it takes to get there), current pricing in gas, and the number of staff required to set up (1-2).  

Our Goal is to Help You Create the most beautiful Event

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